Neutron - Terg-O-Cide Disinfectant Cleaner

4 Gallons per Case - Light Citrus Scent

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EPA Registered for use against Coronavirus. Preventive cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched hard surfaces is important when combating the spread of coronaviruses like COVID-19. Tergo-O-Cide helps stop the spread of contamination, contagious germs and microorganisms. Under the EPA Emerging Pathogen Policy, Terg-O-Cide can be used for: • Hard surface disinfecting (door handles, counters, etc.) • Floor cleaning • Animal quarters and kennels To use, dilute at a 1:64 ratio (2 ounces per gallon of water), to produce a solution containing 660 ppm active quat. Apply to surfaces until totally wet. Leave wet for 10 minutes to achieve total disinfection. EPA Registration Number 10324-154-70799

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