SCS - 497AJN Electronic Service Vacuum 120 Vac (Replaces 497AJM)

Formerly 3M 497AJM


    Price: $249.99

    Total Available: 14

    Product Description

    The 497AJN Electronic Service Vacuum is designed for high-efficiency cleanup of most business equipment including removing toner and dust. Portability, quick setup and efficient and safe operation are key features of this vacuum. It contains a one horsepower, six amp motor. This product meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 and is designed to be used in an ESD protected area; The hose and accessories are conductive/dissipative so electrostatic charges will be removed when properly grounded through the power cord to electrical outlet ground prong. Includes: • SV-MPF2 Type 2 Filter • SV-PC8 8 Foot Power Cord •SV-SH33 7 Foot Dissipative Hose •SV-WA2 Wand •SV-CN1 Crevice Tool •SV-CB1 Crevice Tool Brush •SV-DBSD1 Dust Brush •SV-NN Needle Nose Nozzle Attachments available separately under Cleaning Products

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