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Vacuum Supplies

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497AJK - 3M HEPA Vacuum3M HEPA Vacuum
3M HEPA Vacuum
Part #: 497AJK
$279.99AvailableAdd To Cart
497AJW - 3M Trace Evidence Vacuum3M Trace Evidence Vacuum
3M trace evidence collection vacuum
Part #: 497AJW
$259.99AvailableAdd To Cart
497AJM - SCS Electronics Vacuum 120V 497AJM SCS Electronics Vacuum 120V 497AJM
SCS Electronics Vacuum 120V Sale $219.95
Part #: 497AJM
$219.95AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-SH50 - SCS 50" Vacuum Hose AssemblySCS 50" Vacuum Hose Assembly
SCS replacement hose 50" for 497AJ Vacuums
Part #: SV-SH50
$56.00AvailableAdd To Cart
54938 - 3M HEPA Vacuum Filters3M HEPA Vacuum Filters
3M HEPA Vacuum Replacement HEPA Filters
Part #: 54938
$44.00AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-SH32 - 3M Vacuum Hose Assembly3M Vacuum Hose Assembly
3M Vacuum Hose Assembly
Part #: SV-SH32
$32.90AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-SPF1 - 3M Type 1 Vacuum Filter3M Type 1 Vacuum Filter
3M Type 1 filter for extremely fine particles
Part #: SV-SPF1
$24.95AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-MPF2 - 3M Type 2 Vacuum Filter3M Type 2 Vacuum Filter
Type II filter for medium particals
Part #: SV-MPF2
$18.95AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-PC15 - 3M Vacuum Power Cord3M Vacuum Power Cord
3M 15' power cord
Part #: SV-PC15
$18.00AvailableAdd To Cart
FF-1 - 3M Trace Evidence Filter3M Trace Evidence Filter
3M trace evidence collection filter
Part #: FF-1
$16.50AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-WA2 - Vacuum Bent WandVacuum Bent Wand
Bent Wand hose attachment
Part #: SV-WA2
$16.00AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-CS1 - 3M Vacuum Carrying Strap Assembly3M Vacuum Carrying Strap Assembly
3M Vacuum Carrying Strap Assembly
Part #: SV-CS1
$11.95AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-DBSD1 - 3M Vacuum Dusting Brush3M Vacuum Dusting Brush
3M static dissipative dusting brush
Part #: SV-DBSD1
$11.00AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-CN1 - 3M Vacuum Crevice Nozzle3M Vacuum Crevice Nozzle
3M static dissipative crevice nozzle
Part #: SV-CN1
$10.00AvailableAdd To Cart
SV-LRP - 3M Vacuum Long Red Plug3M Vacuum Long Red Plug
3M Vacuum replacement long red plug
Part #: SV-LRP
$3.00AvailableAdd To Cart
Showing: 1 - 15 of 15